We know you love your home, it’s part of who you are. It must make you crazy that you can envision how beautiful your home would be when you finish covering the windows, painting the walls and arranging the furniture. If only you had the time to learn how to choose the right furnishings and coordinate the installers.

You really don’t need more stress in your life and probably find yourself putting it off.

Why You Need a Professional Interior Designer

Not only is it a lot of work to design and complete the look of your home, it’s easy to make mistakes! What if you measure a window incorrectly? What if the furniture you order doesn’t fit through the door? What if you hate the colors?

Who has time for this? Who knows how to do it right without making a lot of extra work, potential mistakes and extra or unnecessary expenses?

We do.


Personalized Interior Design

We can help you finish your dream home with professional interior design. You’re probably worried that your house will be finished in a way you don’t like, but actually it doesn’t work that way. Designer Theresa Guthals asks for your ideas and works with you during the fun part of design.

She gives you options based on your ideas and you pick out all the colors, fabrics and other materials. You can see what the finished product will look like before the project starts and if you don’t like it, she changes it

“[Theresa] doesn’t push her style on me, but rather she listens to what I want and offers suggestions. If her suggestion isn’t to my liking she doesn’t push, but offers up other ideas.” – imadancer, client review on Houzz 

Easy Installation

But what about the work required to make the vision into reality? That’s the hard part. Theresa makes this easy for you by having the products made, coordinating the installation with you and finding the workers. She knows all the best installers in town and where to get unusual items made.

Our clients are often surprised at how easy it was to turn their house into their dream home.

“[Theresa’s] help was invaluable. We did not know where to start and Theresa helped make the process simple and easy.” – Mark Lane, Client


Custom Drapes, Window Treatments, and More

Theresa has been doing this for a long time, more than 30 years! She prides herself on making it easy for you.

“Theresa was professional, fun and on time always! She is a woman of integrity and a true professional.” – Dee Dee Wirebaugh, client

Contact us today by calling 719-238-6044 or emailing us on the contact page.

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